One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace


Greg Mortenson proposes to change the world – one school at a time. He describes his idea in his book, Three Cups of Tea. He tells the story about how building schools, mostly girls schools, is the surest way to change the world. He bases his premise on an African proverb: “If you educate a boy you educate an individual, if you educate a girl, you educate a community.”

When you think about how educated men often leave the village to work, leaving behind the women and children, it makes sense to educate those left behind (women) so that they can pass on knowledge and the desire for education to their children and others.

Hatred is based on ignorance. Education can bring hope and with hope we can move toward peace. Mr. Mortenson has built his first school in Pakistan. (Summary of an article by Mark Trahant, AJC, Oct. 2007)

New York Times Best-Seller
TIME Magazine – Asia Book of the Year
Kiriyama Prize Nonfiction Award
PNBA Nonfiction Book of the Year
Borders Books Original Voices Selection
Montana Honor Book Award

Debbie Orlemanski


One Response

  1. Thank you Debbie.

    “Dr. Greg” as they call him, is one of my personal heroes. I truly believe he is (or will be) a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    I hope a few more people will support him so he can keep building schools for girls, and boys too.

    Dan Wright

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