WANTED for War Crimes


(Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo)

There is a man named Ocampo. He will bring the criminals of the regime to justice. The killing will stop and we will return to our villages in Darfur, says the women rebel to her fellow women comrades as they carry their guns through the countryside.

This man of whom the rebels speak is Luis Moreno-Ocampo, prosecutor is the International Criminal Court (the first global court devoted to prosecuting crimes against humanity). He and his team have gathered evidence and are ready to try the first darfur war-crimes cases.

Can it be done? Moreno-Ocampo believes the court will be successful. His belief in his case and the court are buoyed by his involvement in the successful prosecutions of war criminals in his home country of Argentina.

His case is solid. The warrants have been issued for Ahmad Muhammad Harun, Sudan’s former Interior Minister who Moreno-Ocampo has charged with orchestrating the slaughter in Darfur and for Ali Kushayb, leader of the janjaweed militia who continue to carry out the genocide (janjaweed means devil on horseback in Arabic).


(WANTED: Harun and Kashayb)

However problems persists. The Sudanese government does not recognize the ICC and has not turned over the men to the court. Justice may not be servede because of the world wide push for a truce in Darfur. With a negotiated peace may come some type of pardon for the criminals. “The world is complicated,” says Moreno-Ocampo.

–Debbie Orlemanski

See the documentary Darfur Now to learn more about Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the ICC, and the continued genocide in Darfur.


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    The recent arrest of a British school teacher in Sudan for “defaming Islam” by allowing her Christian and Muslim class to name a teddy bear Mohammad is thought to be a retaliation against the British for bringing up Harun and Kashayb’s outstanding warrants at the UN Security Council the day before. Gillian Gibbons’ sentence could be as strong as 6 months in jail and 40 lashes.

    Text from NYTimes article:
    Beyond that, on Tuesday, Sir John Sawers, the British representative to the United Nations, criticized the Sudanese government on a number of issues, including the languishing international arrest warrants for a Sudanese official and a militia leader in Darfur.

    The next day, the Sudanese government decided to press charges against Ms. Gibbons.

    Despite the attempts by Islamic clerics to mobilize the masses against Ms. Gibbons, many Sudanese did not take to the streets.

    Najla Hussein, who works at a mobile phone company in Khartoum, said she thought Ms. Gibbons should have been set free.

    “Our government creates such problems to divert the eyes of the world community from our domestic problems,” Ms. Hussein said. “I am sure that the case of the British teacher is politically motivated and has got nothing to do with our prophet.”



  2. Pls provide the latest about who are newly wanted by justice for Darfur crimes July 2008

    Abdulkarim Jumma

  3. Bashir, I won’t call him president, because he is a despicable individual.
    Knowing Chief Prosecutor Ocampo, it will come down to Bashir or the credibility of the ICC and the mandate Mr Ocampo has been vested by the signatories of the ICC. So trust me citizen of what is right and good. Bashir better run and hide…RUN AND HIDE !!!! BECAUSE JUSTICE IS COMING FOR HIM….RUN AND HIDE !!!!

  4. what about few million been killed by mr. bush and blaer /houards all the killer from what so called israel goverment from sharon /natinaho./barak/peres/olmeret and all the shabak and israeli army

  5. AL-Bashir, is our president, our pride and our hope, and we will defend him by whatever necessary to achieve our goals. He is a man from the SUDAN military institution, brave and honest. He will not hide like some presidents do when 9/11 strike. We all Sudanese people dare (your saver) Ocampo and all athers stand behind him to land in Khartoum for just one second. Believe me, we are people of peace, but in time of war, Afghanistan & Iraq will be as a picnic.
    Why not charging who destroy Iraq , Afghanistan & palestine, or they are allowed to kill as much as possible with cold blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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